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My husband and I had been trying to conceive for close to 3 years before learning about Adrienne Wei.

We were both 34 years old at the time when we first met our infertility doctor. The doctor ran test on both my husband and myself. The results came back and my husband’s sperm was good however, I hadlow ovarian reserve. My reserve was 0.83. We decided to work with an RE and after 4 unsuccessful IUIs to pursue the IVF route. But after another round of bloodwork, my AMH came back at 0.08. I was completely shocked and my RE told me to consider donor eggs. But I wanted to try anyway with my own eggs.

We took the highest dose of medication and only got 3 mature eggs from my egg retrieval. The next day they called me and told me that none of my eggs had fertilized and that my eggs were brown and granular. I was heartbroken.

I decided to go all in and work on my diet and lifestyle and follow Adrienne’s program to a “T” before trying for another IVF cycle. I tweaked my diet, lifestyle and exercise among other things. After two months, I went to an OB appointment for a regular routine visit because I was waiting for my period that never came, and the bloodwork showed I was pregnant. I was just two weeks shy of my 36th birthday.

I am convinced that Adrienne Wei’s program helped us get here! I absolutely love Adrienne’s program!



For any woman out there struggling with fertility, or even if you know you want to conceive in the near future and want to prepare your body ahead of time, I cannot recommend working with Adrienne highly enough.

I have struggled with HA and PCOS for years and saw multiple specialists and did a ton of research on my own but still felt like I did not know what exactly I should be doing to get my cycles on track. After my fertility planning session with Adrienne, I finally had a very clear, actionable plan on what to do. Adrienne went through my entire medical history during our session and laid out a plan completely tailored to me. She covered nutrition, supplements, exercise, mindset, lifestyle, acupuncture, and more. After our session, she summarized the plan, as well as other useful resources, in a shared Google drive - so helpful!

She also does not hesitate to change or update a recommendation based on new information and/or how you are progressing. Improving your health and fertility takes time, but even within the first month of working with Adrienne, I saw improvements in my cycles and in my overall health. Trying to get healthy, get your cycles back on track, and conceive can be such a difficult and emotionally draining process. Having a coach who is there for me every step of the way has been invaluable. Adrienne is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about her field, and it really comes through in all that she does and particularly in her work with clients.

I highly recommend using Adrienne as your coach through your fertility journey - it may very well be one of the best decisions you ever make!



I found the How to Get Healthy & Get Pregnant podcast on iTunes when trolling through google trying to find answers as to why I hadn’t fallen pregnant yet, being only 22 years old I thought it would happen straight away, but it didn’t.

I loved listening to her tricks and tips and tried implementing what I could then I contacted Adrienne for some one on one help. Even being in Australia she made the time to get on Skype and give me a plan based on my situation.

After 9 months of trying we finally fell pregnant after two months of using what Adrienne suggested. Anyone that is looking for someone to help them navigate through the enormous information that is Google and get something personalised to them, please talk to Adrienne, she is amazing at what she does! Sometimes it’s just the smallest things that can be impacting your chance of pregnancy.